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Making Prevention Possible

Making Prevention Possible

Good quality health care is essential for all Californians to have long, healthy lives.  By investing in creating healthier communities that prevent chronic disease, injury, and inequitable health conditions, we keep people from needing care in the first place, improve lives, and make healthcare dollars go further.

The California Alliance for Prevention Funding shifted its membership and name in 2021 to respond to inequities that were amplified by COVID-19.  Read more about the new coalition, the Health Equity & Racial Justice Fund, here.


The devastating outcomes of health inequities can be clearly seen in times of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. Black, Brown and low-income Californians with largely preventable illnesses such as  heart disease, and diabetes are at higher risk of death and we are unable to meet the basic needs of our most vulnerable residents. Now more than ever, we have a collective responsibility to invest in the capacity of local health departments and community organizations to create conditions that prevent people from needing care in the first place.

You can help make sustained funding a reality in CA by signing-on here or sending an organizational letter of support.

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