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June 22, 2020 - Amidst Dual Public Health Crises of COVID 19 and Racial Inequity, the California State PTA Adopts Resolution to Support Healthier Communities for Kids and Families brought by the California Alliance for Prevention Funding

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Past Events

Web Forum

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Growing Dollars for Prevention: a California Wellness Trust Webinar 

CAPF hosted a Web Forum with

Dialogue 4 Health to share our proposal for a California Wellness Trust and give concrete steps on what you can do to make a Wellness Trust a reality

Legislative Briefings

A California Wellness Trust: Promoting Health Equity and Improving the Health of All Californians 

On April 5, 2019, the California Alliance for Prevention Funding held a legislative briefing for legislators, their staff and others to learn about the Alliance’s proposal for creating a California Wellness Trust and how sustained funding for prevention would enable effective local public health projects to scale and build a seamless culture of health in California.  

Speakers: Karen Smith - California Department of Public Health, Melissa Jones - Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Iniative, Lynn Silver - Public Health Institute, Kat DeBurgh - Health Officers Association of California

Panelists: Juliet Sims - Prevention Institute, Carle Brinkman - Ecology Center, Flojaune Cofer - Public Health Advocates, Kelly Fischer - Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Claudia Corchado - Cultiva La Salud, Monica Gurmilan - East Salinas Building Healthy Communities


Making Prevention Possible: Sustainable Funding for Chronic Disease, Injury and Violence Prevention

On January 22nd, 2018, the California Alliance for Prevention Funding (CAPF) held a legislative briefing in Sacramento  to educate legislators, their staff and others about the need for sustained and expanded support for chronic disease and injury prevention and to demonstrate that establishing a State Wellness Fund is feasible, other states have done it, and there are different ways it can be approached and funded.

Speakers: California Assemblymember Bloom50th District, California Assemblymember Wood2nd District, Karen Smith - California Department of Public Health, Chris TholkesMinnesota Statewide Health Improvement Partnership, Tracey StraderOklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (former), Barbara Ferrer - Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (current), Massachusetts Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund (former), Kat DeBurgh - Health Officers Association of California

Regional Convenings

The California Alliance for Prevention Funding has held convenings across the state of California to share our proposal for a California Wellness Trust and concrete steps you can take to be part of making a Wellness Trust a reality.

Each convening highlighted local programs that are making a difference in their communities, talked about the impact they are having, how they could grow their program with sustained, dedicated funding for prevention and what will happen when their funding ends.


Bay Area Convening

Date: November 27th, 2018

Co-sponsor: BARHII

LocationThe California Endowment Oakland Conference Center

Speakers: Tony Iton - The California Endowment, Melissa Jones - BARHII

Panelists: Kimi Watkins-Tartt - Alameda County Public Health Department, Rhonda Renfro - Club Stride, Gabriela Galicia - Street Level Health Project


Los Angeles Convening

Date: January 17, 2019

Co-sponsors: County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health, Public Health Alliance of Southern California

Location: Center at Cathedral Plaza

SpeakersBarbara Ferrer - Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Tracey Delaney - Public Health Alliance of Southern California

PanelistsMuntu Davis - Los Angeles County Department Department of Public Health, Paul Simon - Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, D'Artagnan Scorza - Social Justice Learning Institute, Veronica Flores - Community Health Councils


Central Coast Convening

Date: Feb 28, 2019

Co-sponsors: County of San Luis Obispo Health Agency, Impact Monterey, Lompoc Valley Community Healthcare OrganizationMonterey County Health DepartmentPublic Health Alliance of Southern CaliforniaSanta Barbara County Public Health Department,

SLO Health Counts

Location: SLO Vets' Hall

Speakers: Heidi Harmon - City of San Luis Obispo, Bruce Gibson - County of San Luis Obispo, Penny Borenstein - County of SLO Public Health

Panelists: Ed Moreno - Monterey County Health Department, Krista Hanni - Monterey County Heatlh Department, Ashley Costa - Lompoc Valley Community Healthcare, Monica Grant - San Luis Obispo YMCA


San Diego Convening

Date: March 15, 2019

CosponsorsCounty of San Diego Health and Human Services, Live Well San Diego, Be There San Diego, CA4Health, Public Health Alliance of Southern California

Location: Coronado Community Center

Speakers: Nick Macchione - San Diego County HHSA, Naomi Billups - San Diego County Public Health

Panelists: Wilma Wooten - San Diego County Public Health, Kitty Bailey - Be There San Diego, Janedra Sykes - Multicultural Health Foundation


Eureka Convening

Date: October 25, 2019

Cosponsors: Humboldt County Health and Human Services, Humboldt Community Health Trust, Population Health Innovation Lab, Northern ACEs Collaborative, Public Health Institute, CA4Health

Location: Sequoia Conference Center

Speakers: Angela McQuillen - Humboldt County, Virgina Bass, Humboldt County, Connie Beck, Humboldt County Health and Human Services, Lisa Tadlock - Northern ACEs Collaborative 

Panelists: Patty Torres - North Coast Health Improvement and Information Network, Hillarie Beyer - McKinleyville Family Resource Center, Marva Jones - Wiyot Tribe, Michele Stephens - Humboldt County Public Health

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