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Our Mission
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Our Mission

Build a culture of health for all Californians, reduce disparities and contain health costs through education and state level advocacy for new and sustained funding to promote health equity and prevent the leading causes of illness and injury, particularly through upstream primary prevention.

Our Foundatinal Principles
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Our Foundational Principles

  • The California Alliance for Prevention Funding supports establishment of a statewide mechanism to assure long term, sustainable funding of local and state initiatives to promote health equity and prevent the leading causes of illness, injury, and premature death in California.

  • Funding should support policies, systems and environmental changes and community programs that work outside of health care settings to make California's communities more conducive to health.

  • Funds should be distributed and coordinated among: local health departments; community-based, regional and statewide nonprofit organizations; and state government according to established criteria.

  • Funds must benefit all Californians and promote greater equity and health, reaching residents from urban to rural areas, young and old, and across California’s diverse races and ethnicities.

Our Funders
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Our Funders

The California Alliance for Prevention Fund​ing is generously supported by

The Blue Shield of California Foundation

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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Our Team

Our Team

Dr. Lynn Silver, MD, MPH, FAAP
Tracey Rattray, MSW, MPH
Kiara Gonzalez

Lynn Silver, MD, MPH, FAAP


Dr. Lynn Silver, a pediatrician and public health advocate, is Senior Advisor at the Public Health Institute (PHI) and Clinical Professor at the University of California San Francisco. She founded and co-chairs the California Alliance for Prevention Funding. She focuses on policies to prevent noncommunicable disease, its risk factors and inequitable impact. Silver was Assistant Health Commissioner of New York City under Mayor Bloomberg, leading innovative policy work such as the nation’s first trans-fat ban, calorie labeling law and the National Salt Reduction Initiative, and supported innovative tobacco control policies and programs. She served as Health Officer for Sonoma County, California. At PHI, she has worked on the Berkeley coalition that led the nation’s first successful soda tax effort, which is now funding public health and nutrition in that city and has collaborated on soda tax campaigns in other cities, states and countries. More recently she began the Getting It Right from the Start project to promote public health oriented regulation of legalized marijuana and capture of marijuana taxation review for prevention and health equity.  Silver received her MD and MPH degrees and pediatric training from Johns Hopkins University, and was previously a visiting scholar of international heath at the Karolinska Institute. She has served as a consultant to the World Health Organization, World Bank, Low Income Investment Fund, private foundations, counties and hospitals and is on the Board of the Center for Science in the Public Interest. She was the recipient of the Unsung Heroes of Public Health Wavemaker award.

Tracey Rattray, MPH, MSW

Executive Director

Tracey Rattray, MPH, MSW is the Executive Director of the California Alliance for Prevention Funding, working with partners to advocate for creation of a State Wellness Trust that will provide sustained, dedicated funding for chronic disease and injury prevention.  Previously she was the Director of Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention at Contra Costa Health Services, leading nationally recognized programs focused on tobacco prevention, nutrition, physical activity, youth development, and promotion of a healthy built environment. Her passion is the intersection of health and social justice, and her earlier work experience focused on a range of issues including domestic violence, early childhood mental health, and international maternal and child health.

Kiara Gonzalez

Administrative Assistant

Kiara Gonzalez provides communications and administrative support to the project. She received her Bachelor of Science in Integrative Biology from the University of California, Berkeley. Gonzalez has experience working with non-profits and health initiative programs such as the Berkeley Student Cooperative and the Healthy Hearts Clinic at the Children's Hospital Oakland. Her interests include public health and immigration reform. She hopes to one day aid in the healing of burn victims as a practicing physician.

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